Where to eat the best pizzas in Nice

Where to eat the best pizzas in Nice

Gastronomic capital of the French Riviera and neighboring Italy, Nice is full of excellent pizzerias. There is something for every taste and desire. The Hotel Byakko Nice team gives you its good addresses to eat the best pizzas in the city. To be enjoyed at the table, by the sea during sunset or on the rooftop of our 3* hotel, it's up to you.

Fresh tomato sauce, melted cheese, soft or crispy dough... Pizza, the masterpiece of Italian cuisine, seduces the whole world. An infinity of possible toppings, that's what we like to vary the pleasures. From the simple Margarita to a luxury pizza with truffles, everyone finds his happiness for a moment of comfort.

Can you smell that hot pizza coming out of the wood-fired oven? That mouth-watering smell that you can't resist. You smell it! So forget all the guilt and let yourself be tempted by a Quattro Fromaggi with melting gorgonzola or a Regina covered with fresh mushrooms. And why not both!

Discover our selection of pizzerias to eat the best pizzas in Nice during your stay in the French Riviera.


  1. Les Amoureux :

Why go all the way to Italy to eat pizza when there is the restaurant Les Amoureux in Nice. Find the unique taste and texture of Neapolitan pizzas just minutes from your 3* hotel. The wood-fired dough strikes a perfect balance between softness and crispness. For a culinary journey, opt for the classic Margarita to imagine yourself in the streets of Naples for a pizza.

The little +: The pizzas are served in the shape of a heart, in addition to being delicious, they are Instagrammable, enough to make your followers jealous.

On the spot or to take away.
1 Rue Bavastro, 06300 Nice
Access: 20 min walk from the hotel


  1. Saveur Pizza

Elected best Mediterranean pizza in 2021 at the Food in Sud competition, Franck Nedelko from Nice has found the perfect recipe to obtain a light, airy dough. A former gourmet chef, he honors the gourmet art of pizza with recipes based on tomato or cream topped with ham, burrata, chorizo...

The little + : Their pizza spread. Good Nutella on a light and tasty dough. A real treat.

On the spot or to take away.
4 Place Pellegrini, 06300 Nice
Access: 22 min walk from the hotel


  1. L’atelier de Julien

Julien shares his love for Italian cuisine and makes several pizza recipes generously topped with quality products, creamy burrata, refined ham, fresh vegetables... For the undecided, it is possible to make "mezzo mezzo" (half and half) by choosing different pizza recipes. L'atelier de Julien is an Italian restaurant that also offers fresh homemade pasta for pasta lovers.

The little + : Every month Julien puts on the menu the "Ephemeral" pizza, a creation made from seasonal products.

On the spot, to take away or for delivery.
39 Rue Beaumont, 06300 Nice
Access: 28 min walk from the hotel


  1. That’s Amore

Just a few minutes walk from the Hotel Byakko Nice, discover the family restaurant That's Amore. It's a real paradise for Neapolitan pizza lovers. The tangy flavor of the tomato and the sweetness of the melted mozzarella on its famous dough taste excellent, Molto bene!
Remember to reserve, victim of its success the restaurant is quickly full.

The little + : The pizza fritta is a Neapolitan specialty that is difficult to find in France. It is a pizza folded in half and fried. The cheese becomes extremely melting and mixes with the tomato sauce.

On the spot or to take away.
6 Avenue de Pessicart, 06100 Nice
Access: 20 min walk from the hotel


  1. Don Vincenzo

Two friends who come from Sicily to cook delicious pizzas from organic products. The chef Simone Pasqua, Champion of France of acrobatic pizza, will make you see a lot before making you feel a lot. With a direct opening on the kitchens you can admire the show. Once served, bite into this thin dough and find the flavors of Italy to finish on a crispy crust.

The little + : Gluten-free pizzas on request, and vegan friendly.

On the spot or to take away.
17 Rue Gioffredo, 06000 Nice
Access : 15 min walk from the hotel


  1. La Villa d’Este

The Byakko team recommends the pizzas of La Villa d'Este. Located in the heart of Masséna street, the restaurant invites you to savor delicious pizzas around a table in an Italian atmosphere and a design decor. From the first bite we are seduced by these copious and crispy pizzas. The chef selects from day to day the best products for the pleasure of your taste buds.

To be tasted on the spot.
6 Rue Masséna, 06000 Nice
Access : 16 min walk from the hotel


  1. Brasserie Le Québec

Since 1969, this Quebec restaurant has been appreciated by the people of Nice for their famous half-moon pizzas. Both crispy and soft, they are generously topped with American-style melting cheese. At Brasserie Le Québec, you can also find Canadian and American specialties.

The little + : Open every day from 11:30 am to 1:00 am to serve you delicious pizzas.

On the spot or to take away.
43 rue Massena, 06000 Nice
Access : 18 min walk from the hotel


  1. L’authentique

The authentic pizzeria is one of the favorite addresses of the inhabitants of Nice. Delicious and hearty traditional pizzas. They are prepared with ingredients that come from Nice or Italy. The dough is thin and crispy, and the pizza makers let it rest for at least 24 hours before serving it.

On the spot or to take away.
15 boulevard Auguste Raynaud, 06100 Nice
Access : 18 min walk from the hotel



Here is something to treat you during your stay in Nice. Discover also the cousin of the pizza, the pissaladière, it's a speciality of Nice with onions, anchovies and black olives. It is the opportunity to taste it during your stay on the French Riviera.